11 Best Smartphone Microphones of 2018

What’s more important: an image or sound? How often the level of sound affects the viewing experience of the video? Personally, we think the sound is very crucial.

Of course, it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. But often the intonation and emotion in the soundtrack assist to understand the meaning and depth of the events. Each of us perceives sound individually, but, however, everyone is capable to distinguish good sound from the bad. It is therefore important to select a decent microphone for recording. Today we will discuss the best microphones for smartphones 2018.

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Rode SmartLav+

Rode SmartLav+ is a pro lapel capacitor microphone, intended to work in a broad band of audio and video production: radio, television, cinema, interviews, conferences – wherever portability, convenience, and pro-quality are needed. All you require is to secure the SmartLav in the right place, link it to a smartphone or tablet via a standard connector and start recording in the RØDE Rec application for iOS, or in any other audio application that supports the necessary functionality.

Due to a high-quality omni-directional condenser capsule, SmartLav + provides the necessary flexibility when fastening it in the right place, making it convenient to employ in a broad variety of environments.

A pop-filter comes with a microphone, which permits you to diminish wind noise and smooth out consonant sounds, and also this model comes with a strong and convenient clip for fixing the microphone.

SmartLav is compatible with any audio application that can receive signals from the headset of a mobile device, but RØDE has created its own application for full functionality with RØDE Rec microphone for iOS gadgets from Apple. RØDE Rec transforms your iOS device into a full-featured recorder, with plenty of pre-programmed EQ presets, suitable for diverse recording conditions, in additives to professional correction capabilities and the possibility to immediately publish an entry in SoundCloud or Dropbox directly from the application.

  1. Type: Condensing.
  2. Powered by Smartphone.
  3. Acoustic performance: constant polarization.
  4. Capsule: 0.10 “.
  5. Directional diagram: Circular.
  6. Frequency range: 60 Hz ~ 18 kHz.
  7. Output impedance: 3 ohm.
  8. Maximum output level: 189 mV.
  9. Maximum sound pressure: 110 dB SPL (@ 1 kHz, 1% THD at 1 kΩ load).
  10. Own noise: <27 dB-A.
  11. Sensitivity: -35dB (17.8mV @ 94dB SPL) ± 2dB 1V / Ra @ 1kHz.
  12. Dimensions: 1180х4.5х4.5 mm.
  13. Weight: 6.0g.

Saramonic SmartMixer Recording Stereo System

Saramonic SmartMixer is a compact audio mixer with included two condenser microphones, an input for XLR microphone with the phantom power of 48 volts, a signal level control and a special fastening for a smartphone with a comfortable grip, which permits you to record high-quality sound on your smartphone – iPhone or Android device.

The fore panel of the Saramonic SmartMixer system includes levers for switching on the gadget, switching on with phantom power, switching monitoring to the headphones of the reproduced or recorded signal, an LCD screen with the signal level indication, stereo/mono and battery charge, and an input level control.


  1. Interoperability: tablets and smartphones iPhone/iPad/iPod of all versions on iOS, tablets, and smartphones on Android.
  2. 2 condenser electret microphones
  3. Inputs: miniXLR, 2 miniJack 3.5mm microphone/line inputs.
  4. Phantom power: + 48V.
  5. Output: 3.5mm headphone for monitoring recording/playback and line-out to the smartphone.
  6. LCD screen with the indication of signal level, type of signal and battery level.
  7. Gain: 15 <dB.
  8. Dynamic range: 20Hz – 20kHz.
  9. Input level control: -18dB + 3dB with 3dB step.
  10. Noise: 82dB @ 1kHz, -30dBu input.
  11. Distortion: less than 0.03% @ 1kHz, -30dBu input
  12. Rec/Play switch for monitor connector to headphones.
  13. Aluminum handle with the holder for the smartphone is included.
  14. Connector for “hot shoe” accessories.
  15. Power: 9V CRONA battery with discharge indicator on the LCD screen.
  16. The body is made of aluminum alloy.
  17. Dimensions: 298x95x35mm..
  18. Weight: 740g.

Shure MV88

The world leader SHURE has gone far ahead in the field of growth of innovative acoustic systems and microphones in professional studio sound recording, television, and radio broadcasting. The hardware of this brand is known in all corners of the globe.

MV88 – a well-known portable microphone which has been widely used for removal of a full range sound vibrations in the surrounding space, providing complete immersion listener by using two types of cartridges in a single housing. At the same time, it permits you to flexibly configure the directional pattern, cutting unnecessary and undesirable noise on the side and back from the sound source. Embedded stereo matrix provides a unique, realistic sound.

The MOTIV ™ series is ideal for recording podcasts, videos for YouTube, and more. For its usage there is no need to have professional skills. Simply connect it to your laptop, tablet or smartphone, install the software and start the audio stream, or audio recording immediately to your gadget or in the cloud!

Main advantages:

  1. Easy integration with portable devices.
  2. Ultra-compact dimensions.
  3. No interference and noises.
  4. Exemplary frequency response.
  5. Clean and clear sound.
  6. Affordable price.

Distinctive features:

  1. 1 capsule – frontal cardioid pattern; 2 capsule – two-directional pattern.
  2. Mid-Side configuration of the capsule provides excellent mono compatibility, as well as correction of the stereo image of the sound.
  3. 10-mm capsules for the better sounding of instruments and voice of performers.
  4. The spatial position is adjustable within 90 °, thereby optimizing the directivity of the microphone.
  5. Work with voice, orchestras, musical groups, amplifier.
  6. Convenient for recording interviews with splendid speech level of both participants in the dialogue.
  7. Autoconfiguration when connected.
  8. 5 presets (modes) DSP for adaptation to different sources of sound – speech, singing, quiet and acoustic music, loud music and orchestra.
  9. 16/24-bit encoding with a sampling frequency of 44.1/48 kHz.
  10. Excellent sound removal from a distance.
  11. Ready to operate anywhere and anytime.
  12. Automatic gain control.
  13. 5-band equalizer, compressor and limiter.
  14. The best solution for home and travel.
  15. The best sound in its class.
  16. Powered by Lightning.
  17. Elementary integration with a PC based on Windows 7 or 8, MacOS 10.7-10.
  18. Work with iPhone, iPod, iPad with support for iOS version 7.0 and later, just install the free ShurePlus ™ application.
  19. The best option for conducting Internet podcasts.
  20. Condenser type of cartridges.
  21. A truly versatile microphone for multi-tasking.
  22. The frequency range is 20 … 20000 Hz.
  23. Perfect for recording speech and musical instruments.
  24. The highest pro level of audio is retained even at a high SPL level of up to 120 dB.
  25. A windproof screen made of foam rubber for better protection against “breath effect” and wind is incorporated in the basic configuration.
  26. The case with a zipper.
  27. Unique design with a very ergonomic construction.
  28. Solid metal body in gray.
  29. Low weight and ultra-compact dimensions make work easier.
  30. The legendary quality of SHURE.

Apogee MiC 96k

Apogee MiC is one of the most compact studio quality microphones with USB support for MAC, iPhone, iPad, and iPodTouch. With it, you are able to record vocals, instrumental tracks and embed them into the Apple GarageBand application. The model is staffed with volume controls, as well as a rotary wheel, which is located so that it was convenient to operate with your thumb. You may configure the level without looking into the gadget due to the LED indicators.

Integrated PureDigital technique adjusts the tone of voice or acoustic sound for iPad, iPhone, and Mac. The model is powered via a USB link from the gadget to which it is connected. Mighty metal design guarantees long and reliable operation. The mic is intended for recording vocals, acoustic performance, interviews, audio for DSLR video.

Apogee MiC 96k joins the functions of the microphone itself, microphone preamplifier and ADC. Apogee engineers cautiously developed each of these components and therefore they all have an exceptional quality. The Apogee MiC 96k provides the lowest possible noise level and the highest possible signal quality that a digital microphone can offer.

General characteristics

  1. Highest quality recording.
  2. PureDIGITAL technology, providing clean and high-quality sound.
  3. Intended for recording vocals and acoustic musical instruments.
  4. Great for voice-over recording, interviewing and podcasting.
  5. Recording with a quality of 96 kHz/24 bit.
  6. Created for GarageBand on iPad and Mac.
  7. Compatible with the guitar interface of JAM.
  8. 30-pin and Lightning cables included.
  9. Table stand and clip enclosed.
  10. Compact size and lightweight.

Blue Raspberry Premium

This is a compact condenser USB microphone that provides recording in a resolution of up to 24 bit/48 kHz and can be employed to create podcasts, record audio for YouTube videos, voiceover, as well as record vocals and instruments.

BLUE RASPBERRY can link straight to the iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac. It applies a new patented interior acoustic diffuser (IAD), which allows processing of incoming sound, like in a recording studio or a concert hall. It permits you to focus on the voice or instrument, reducing the to minimum the external noises that fill your room.

The BLUE RASPBERRY microphone has a separate headphone port, enabling you to link them directly and track the recording process. You just connect the headphones and listen to the recording without using other devices. At the entrance, there is no period of delay, so that you will be listening in real time exactly what is being recorded right now. The integral RASPBERRY microphone is isolated, supplied with a rubber shock absorber, which is able to minimize ambient noise occurring during the recording process.

Users will be able to combine BLUE RASPBERRY with a camera or video tripod to be able to record video with audio for YouTube or other portals. The BLUE RASPBERRY microphone can work through most popular recording applications. It is also equipped with membranes with electronic circuits of premium-class from the BLUE manufacturer.

Adjust the volume of the sound in the headphones can be done directly through the microphone. The level and volume of the microphone itself are also adjustable. BLUE RASPBERRY works via USB or Lightning cable. The frequency of the microphone is kept within 20Hz-20kHz, the microphone weighs 167.1 grams, its dimensions are 39.5 x 50.5 x 123 mm.

Removable folding stand provides protection of the microphone from surface vibrations thanks to cushioning legs. In addition, the stand provides additional protection for the device during transportation.

Other features of BLUE RASPBERRY include the presence of a gain controller with a “Mute” button and an output to the headphones with a separate volume control for monitoring without delay.

The main technical characteristics of BLUE RASPBERRY:

  • frequency range: 20 … 20000 Hz;
  • type of capsule: condenser electret, 14 mm;
  • radiation pattern: cardioid;
  • maximum sound pressure level: 120 dB;
  • range of gain adjustment: 0 – 40 dB;
  • dimensions with stand: 147.5 mm × 58.5 × 46.75 mm;
  • weight with stand: 272.3 g.

RØDE VideoMic Me

A budget compact model compatible with the iPad and iPhone will allow you to record video and audio with high quality. An adjustable adaptable mount allows you to use VideoMicMe together with different generations of iOS devices, which are connected through the TRRS connector. The case of the microphone is made of cast aluminum with an additional anti-reflective coating of ceramic and is supplemented with an output for connecting headphones to control the recording material. In addition, the kit has an additional fluffy windshield, allowing you to record without problems in the open air regardless of the weather.

Key Features:

  1. Compact size.
  2. Lightweight – 34 grams.
  3. Connect to the standard TRRS connector of the smartphone.
  4. A universal clip mount is suitable for a variety of smartphones and provides the use of a microphone, both with the main camera and the front camera for Selfie.
  5. The headphone jack allows you to listen to audio without having to disconnect the microphone.
  6. In the set, there is a fur windproof.

Shure MV5

The Shure MV5 condenser microphone is a high-end audio device designed for Internet communication, podcasting, and sound recording, which will be useful in solving many problems. The model has the ability to wired not only to stationary and mobile computers (including those running Mac OS) but also to mobile devices manufactured by Apple: iPhone, iPod, and iPad. In addition to the standard USB cable, the microphone is supplied with a cable with a Lightning 8-pin connector.

The microphone Shure MV5 is characterized by a sensitivity of 40 dB and a frequency range of 20-20000 Hz. At your service, there are 3 recording modes. It is possible to connect headphones. The table stand provides a reliable placement of the device on any horizontal surface. The microphone does not require additional power.

The overall dimensions of the Shure MV5 microphone, 65x67x66 mm, allow it to be used in confined spaces. The mass of the audio device is 90 g. The model is packed in a stylish box, the design of which corresponds to the style of Shure.

The main specifications of the microphone Shure MV5:

  • frequency response: 20 – 20000 Hz;
  • radiation pattern: cardioid;
  • range of gain adjustment: 0 – 36 dB;
  • sensitivity: -40 dBFS / Pa (at a frequency of 1 kHz);
  • maximum sound pressure level: 130 dB;
  • dimensions: 66 × 67 × 65 mm (without stand);
  • weight: 90 g without stand and 160 g with stand.

Zoom iQ7

The Zoom IQ7 microphone, compatible with all Apple products, is a functional and compact stereo device that has a record of exceptional sound quality. Create a record on Zoom IQ7 in any place convenient for you and enjoy the purest sound of recorded concerts, house vocals, and karaoke club.

Full control over audio tracks

The Zoom IQ7 microphone is equipped with a large front controller, with which you are able to adjust the optimal level for the input signal. And the LED indicator will inform you about how clear the sound is. The microphone has a headphone jack that permits you to control the audio track while recording or listening.

Swivel mechanism

Do you want to change the directionality of the sound directly while recording a sound? Do this as many times as possible, rotate the microphones with light movements. The silent movement will let you to keep the sound recording at the moments of rotation without the slightest interference, and the full recording will not be muted, even if you momentarily slightly cover the sound source without closing the microphone as a whole.

Recording Mid-Side

This advanced technology will allow you to adjust the parameters of stereo sound even without any processing. Two microphone items pick up sound in 3 bands. 90 ° makes it possible to concentrate the recording from the “center”. 120 ° for a wider range of sound. The “MS” mode enables you to record a signal under any conditions, you can merely process the recording using the free Zoom application in Handy Recorder IOS.

Space capabilities of acoustic recording

The IQ7 design assumes two differently directed microphones. One of the microphones (Mid) has a unidirectional recording method. This means that it captures the sound directly in front of you and does not perceive well what is on the side and behind. The second of the bi-directional microphones (Side), it is sensitive to sounds in front of it and behind it. Thus, being perpendicular to the first microphone, it fixes the sound on the sides from the first. We get a record of two tracks (stereo) and can mute one of them if necessary.


Zoom iq7 is compatible with all gadgets running iOS 6 and older. The microphone comes with a special “lining” for a more dense connection with Apple devices.

A lot of editing possibilities with the application Handy Recorder App

The free application from the Zoom company (available in the App Store), includes a large selection of audio tools for editing records on your device. Tracks can be saved in PCM or AAC format, apply the built-in effects: compression, equalizer, and reverb. Handy Recorder enables you to send already processed records by e-mail or spread on SoundCloud, that would share their creativity with friends.


  1. Ability to rotate the microphone: from 90 ° to 120 °.
  2. iQ7 operates with all iOS gadgets.
  3. Free Handy Recorder application.
  4. Ability to additionally mount a protective screen from the wind.

Blue Mikey Digital

The Blue Microphones company has developed the perfect microphone for mobile recording – Mikey Digital. You just need to connect this ultra-compact stereo microphone to your iPhone or iPad – and you’ll get studio-quality sound!

Thanks to Mikey Digital, it became possible what until recently it seemed difficult: the pure sound of iOS devices when using any of the popular audio and video applications. Mikey Digital – these are two identical condenser microphones with a small preamplifier and A/D-conversion of CD-quality, as well as built-in gain control.

With Auto Level Sensing technology and numerous gain adjustments, Mikey Digital protects your recording: it can withstand extremely high volumes (up to 130 dB!). Mikey can automatically adjust the oscillating volume level, and also you can manually set the low sensitivity for loud sound sources and high sensitivity – for quiet.

Also, the microphone is equipped with an LED indicator, which lights up when, due to inadequate volume, distortions may occur, providing instant feedback for adjusting the sensitivity. This achieves high-quality recording. Mikey Digital rotates 230 degrees, so you are able to give it an optimal position. Reversible Lightning connector expands the horizons of Mikey – now you can catch sound in any direction!

High-quality 3.5 mm stereo input allows you to record external sources (lapel microphone, guitar or bass, linear levels of signals – like a DJ mixer or MP3 player). Another feature of Mikey Digital is the USB pass-thru connector for recharging during operation.

Line 6 Sonic Port VX

LINE 6 SONIC PORT VX is an audio interface that serves to work together with various mobile devices from Apple. In the novelty, there are preamps and 3 condenser microphones of the studio class, namely: a stereo microphone located on the sides, intended for recording in rooms with normal natural reverberation, and also, in the center, a mono microphone for studio recording near the source of the sound.

LINE 6 SONIC PORT VX is good at recording vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, and other instruments both on the road and at home. The device, according to the manufacturer, in addition to iOS, supports the PC and Mac platforms. Comes with LINE 6 SONIC PORT VX Mobile POD software, designed for iOS.

The LINE6 SONIC PORT VX characterizes a stereo line input and instrument input that connects drum machines, keyboards, DJ mixers, and other devices. There is also an output for headphones, and for connection of studio monitors the balanced output is intended. The audio interface is equipped with a microphone sensitivity control and a special toggle switch, which provides direct sound monitoring without delay. The device is powered by a USB bus but it is also possible to use an optional AC adapter, which, in addition to the interface, can power an iPhone or iPad connected via a Lightning cable.

LINE6 SONIC PORT VX for mounting on the microphone stand has a thread on the bottom of the device, it also includes a desktop stand with an adapter.

The following features can be distinguished in LINE 6 SONIC PORT VX:

  • an input for recording a guitar/bass, with a dynamic range of 110 dB;
  • balanced stereo outputs used to connect studio motors;
  • 3 tuned cardioid microphones of studio class;
  • stereo input, designed for connecting DJ mixers, drum machines, recording keyboards;
  • 3-platform support for PC, Mac, and iOS;
  • microphone professional preamplifier with a sensitivity of 45 dB;
  • monitoring without delay;
  • groove for mounting on a microphone stand, an adapter, and a desk stand in the kit;
  • charging is carried out via the mini USB bus;
  • a free software effects processor designed for iOS.

 Rode IXY

Rode iXY is an excellent microphone for working with iOS devices. It has an integrated 24-bit analog-to-digital converter with a sampling frequency of up to 96 kHz. The microphone is capable of recording an amazingly pure saturated sound. The basis of the Rode iXY microphone is a pair of condenser capsules with a fixed 90 ° X/Y position. Thanks to which it is possible to record in high quality with incredible detail. In the kit with the microphone, there is wind protection and a cover for transportation.

Rode iXY is ideal for recording music concerts, recording sound in stadiums or home studio. Thanks to the Rode Rec software with the ability to adjust the input signal, you get an excellent recording regardless of the sound source, whether it’s a concert or a quiet conversation.

Thanks to the built-in low-pass filter, the Rode iXY is able to minimize any noise and interference caused by software control or from touching hands. With the Rode Rec application, you can instantly place the recorded material on SoundCloud or Dropbox.


  1. Microphone type: condenser.
  2. Orientation: cardioid.
  3. Frequency range: 20-20000 Hz.
  4. Sensitivity: 8.52 mV/Pa.
  5. Sound pressure level: 120 dB.
  6. Port connection: Apple Dock Connector.
  7. Powered by iOS.
  8. Wind protection included.
  9. Size: 46×55 mm.
  10. Weight: 40g.

The acquisition of a good microphone is a serious investment. If you do not want to feel uncomfortable during recording, give preference to high-quality equipment.

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