14 Best microphones for GoPro in 2018

We often come across questions about the quality and level of sound recording in GoPro action cameras from advanced GoPro users whose hobbies and work are related to blogging and so on. Therefore, today we decided to review all popular microphones for GoPro, evaluating each from the point of view of the application in various fields. Immediately, we can say that absolutely any microphone can enhance the quality and level of sound recording in GoPro but each has its own fastening system and the principle of operation – that’s what we’ll talk about.

Saramonic G-Mic Stereo Ball Microphone

The Saramonic GoMic (G-Mic) unit is an excellent addition to your GoPro camera and permits you to record pure professional quality stereo sound.
GoMic device is compact in size and light weight so you can take it on any trip or just use it for everyday shooting.

GoMic microphone operation is carried out directly with GoPro HERO3, HERO3 HERO4 camera to which it is connected via USB port and does not demand any adapters or additional power. Due to its light weight and compact dimensions, GoMic can be used with most electronic stedicams. Using the mic Saramonic GoMic, you will give a completely new sound to your records! The unit is outfitted with a steam-proof windshield.

Main parameters:

  1. Microphone type: Electret Condenser.
  2. Dual X/Y stereo capacitor capsule.
  3. Dynamic range: 35 Hz – 20 kHz.
  4. Signal to noise ratio: 80 dB.
  5. Sensitivity: -24dB +/- 3dB/0dB=1V Pa, 1kHz
  6. Connector: mini USB of GoPro camera.
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Rode VMGO Video Mic GO

The Rode VideoMic Go device is fabricated specially for use with digital video cameras and cameras of various levels and class.
Rode VideoMic Go elevates the bar to the original VideoMic Rode, by bringing together high-quality sound transmission along with a very compact, ultra-light, and handy design.

Given the new peculiarities of high-quality video, VideoMic Go also continues to develop other peculiarities that made VideoMic so prosperous.

Disturbances during transportation were considerably reduced, thanks to the use of a modified and more elegant anti-vibration design and the use of a lightweight cable.

Rode VideoMic Go is good in any situation, when you want to hear what you shoot, rather than offscreen sounds on the sides and behind.


  1. Compact size.
  2. Super Light (73 g).
  3. 3.5 mm stereo mini jack connector (dual mono signal).
  4. The battery is not required – power from the camera (min. 2.5 V).
  5. Built-in anti-vibration mount Rycote “Lyre”.
  6. Wind protection is included.
  7. Maximum acoustic pressure: 120 dB (@ 1 kHz, 1% THD at 1 k).
  8. Dynamic range: 96 dB.
  9. Signal to noise ratio: 60 dB.
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Boya BY-LM20 – condenser omnidirectional unit-buttonhole. The specimen can be involved for high-quality sound recording both on digital recorders, and on video and DSLR cameras, ensuring great sensibility and dynamic range with low noise level.
BOYA BY-LM20 – lightweight and compact item with a reliable clip that will conveniently and imperceptibly fix the mic almost anywhere, from clothes, to the interior or in the car.

An essential part of the mic is the possibility of using together with the famous action camera GoPro, as an exterior mic. The slim and elastic cord of the instance has a length of 120 cm, which makes it opportune to apply it for recording sound in various circumstances, both for unprofessional and pro goals.

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REMOVU RM-M1+A1 wireless Microphone

The Removu M1 A1 consists of two separate units: a Bluetooth mic module and a convenient microphone. The Bluetooth module is mounted to the back of the camera and attaches to it via the USB port. The dimensions of the module permit it to be placed with the camera inside the protective box. In the set of the unit, there are two interchangeable mounts. With the aid of clip-fastening, the mic can be affixed to clothing or equipment. The second mount affords you to lock the mic on any GoPro mount.
The controls are very simple and intuitive. The specimen has two buttons and an indicator. One of the buttons is accountable for the activation, the second – for setting of the link with the Bluetooth module. The Bluetooth module likewise has a power switch and a module activation button. Two indicators indicate the status of the module link to the mic and GoPro camera.

The complete set also involves a waterproof mic box that permits you to record sound even in water. The device in the box can be immersed to a depth of 1 meter (but not longer than 30 minutes). To defend the Bluetooth module, the waterproof box of the GoPro camera itself is used.

Wind protection, which is included, will reduce the level of extraneous noise.
Both devices are equipped with lithium-polymer batteries, the charge of which is sufficient for up to 8 hours. Charging is done using the USB port.

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Sennheiser MKE 2 elements

Action-microphone for GoPro HERO4 cameras sound is an significant component of your extreme life! Do you want the sound was of the proper level of quality in every clip that your GoPro shoots? Action-microphone MKE 2 elements for GoPro® HERO4 will record everything as it should. Anytime and anywhere! In any, even very difficult moments, with which the life of this extreme is so full. It does not matter how, what, or where you shoot in the mountains, in the water, in the snow, in place or at speed, in jumping or in flight – be sure that MKE 2 elements will never miss a single sound, and your video will surprise the audience not only dramatic plot but also quality and thrilling sound of a professional level!
MKE2 elements is the world’s only compact, secure mic that is certified by GoPro company for use with the GoPro cameras of the HERO4 series.
The MKE2 elements system is incredibly plain and involves a device fixed in an elastic hanger and a removable windproof attachment. Action Mike MKE2 elements are made in the form of a separate part, in shape and size, exactly repeating the back panel of the outer safeguard shell of the GoPro HERO4 camera. Thus, to plug the mic, it’s easy to remove and replace the usual rear case cover on the MKE2 elements. The procedure for installing the device takes a few seconds and is done without any additional tools and materials.
That is why with MKE2 elements your HERO4 will record sound with the Sennheiser brand quality without reducing the level of guard and tightness of the camera body, in any circumstances: in dust, mud, snow, wind, and even under water. So, think about more important things and forget about the mic, it will not let you down!

  1. Dimensions: approx. 125 x 70 x 60 mm (with installed windshield, diameter of the windproof head 62 mm).
  2. Weight: approx. 45 g (with wind protection).
  3. Characteristics of the direction of the device: omnidirectional.
  4. Frequency range of the microphone: 20 20000 Hz.
  5. Connectors: standard GoPro audio connector (for HERO4 Black and Silver cameras).
  6. Degree of protection: IPX7, water resistance at a pressure of not more than 1 bar (equivalent to immersion at a depth of 1 meter for a period of up to 30 minutes).
  7. Permissible ambient temperature range:
    for storage of the device: -20 C 70 C;
    for device operation: -10 C to 50 C.
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Boya BY-GM10 is a microphone for the GoPro camera, which will become your reliable companion during an extreme pastime. It should be noted, the extreme compactness of the dimensions of this model, which, in view of the specific application of this microphone, is an indisputable advantage. Simply connect it to the camera and, using a special mount, place it on any part of your dress. The long cable (2.8 m) and the supplied “crocodile” for attaching to the clothes provide convenience of use. The included foam rubber cover and built-in low-pass filter allow the unit to be used successfully in windy weather, on the road, at the airport, and other noisy places.


With the help of such an assistant, you will be able to shoot high-quality videos, viewing of which, in the future, will bring complete pleasure. Small and light, this gadget will be superfluous in the arsenal of each extreme, responsibly approaching the choice of equipment.

Technical description:

  1. Compatibility: GoPro HERO 4, HERO3 +, HERO 3.
  2. Frequency range: 35 Hz – 20 kHz.
  3. Signal/Noise: 80 dB SPL.
  4. Sensitivity: -24 dB +/- 3 dB/0 dB = 1V/Pa, 1 kHz.
  5. Includes: lapel clip, LR44 battery, windproof.
  6. Cable length: 2,8 m.
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Sony ECM-DS70P

The Sony external mic ecm-ds70p is a great accessory for GoPro cameras for improving the sound quality of the captured video. This device permits you to catch an increased level of audio, as well as higher-resolution sound. The durable design of the accessory secures durability and ensures a stylish low profile look.
This unit is a simple and practical way to improve the sound recording quality on GoPro. Effective wind protection and extraneous noise when recording sound. Helps record perfect sound, even in very quiet surroundings.  A convenient flexible design allows you to fix this microphone from any angle.  The total length of 5 cm will help to shoot in a confined space.


  1. Universal 3.5 mm output, relevant for all types of devices.
  2. Special USB adapter for a microphone is included.
  3. Sensitivity: -52dB ± 5dB.
  4. Frequency range: 30HZ – 15KHZ.
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Premium 157 inches Lavalier Lapel Mic

This inexpensive lapel unit is created so that the recorded sound on your camera is clear and in good quality. Has an uncommon design. Simply plug the device into the camera and attach it to the clothes. Record sound in great quality.
To use the device you do not need any adapter. The attachment is via mini-USB directly to your camera. With regard to sound quality, it corresponds to the external quality. Rugged construction, long cord, and affordable price are the obvious advantages of this device.
Characteristics of the device:

  1. Simple design.
  2. The device is interoperable with GoPro Hero4, Hero3 +, and Hero3 cameras.
  3. The length of the cord is 157 inches.
  4. Connection via mini-USB.
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PANNOVO Microphone for GoPro

The device is fabricated for use with a GoPro camera. Do not want to use a lavalier microphone? Then read the characteristics of this model:

  1. The mini adapter provides maximum conductivity.
  2. Adapter with 3.5 mm plug.
  3. Connect to the camera directly.
  4. A storage bag is included.
  5. Comes with buckle and screw.

The adapter has a short arm and 2 wind deflectors. The device is powered directly from the operating camera.

The disadvantage is the fact that during the operation of Wi-Fi you will not have an opportunity to use the mic. For better performance, use a tripod or stabilizer.

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Movo GM100

Obviously, to transfer your voice using an external microphone Movo GM100 is much more pleasant and comfortable. It combines a stylish, restrained design, which has unobtrusive appearance and a clear, high-quality sound.

Key features:

  1. Omnidirectional condenser microphone.
  2. Works both with GoPro cameras, and with a large number of smartphones.
  3. High sound characteristic, relevant for video shooting.


  1. Converter: electret condenser.
  2. Orientation: Omnidirectional.
  3. Bandwidth: 35Hz – 18KHz.
  4. Frequency rate: 74dB SPL.
  5. Sensitivity: -30dB +/- 3dB/0dB = 1V/PA, 1kHz.
  6. Joining: 3.5mm plug, Mini USB plug.
  7. Length of cable: Microphone – 1.2m Mic Adapter – 11cm.


  • works with most action cameras;
  • performs most of the actions of the video camera;
  • works with DSLR cameras.
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Lavidass Lavalier Microphone

This microphone is perfect for recording interviews, videoconferences, it is often used for smartphones and with GoPro cameras. The microphone adapter guarantees you good conductivity, as well as a minimum of noise.

The microphone is made using a high-quality sensor and a cable whose task is to achieve high noise reduction. The material from which this model is made and foam windscreen prevent unnecessary noise.

The kit includes an extension cord, mini adapter, windscreen, and leather case. All these add-ons allow you to record video with full comfort.

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Fantaseal Stereo Mic Kit

A small compact two-channel microphone that is capable of capturing video with a clear stereo sound, which is so necessary for recording sports videos. Perfectly suitable for GoPro cameras.

3.5 mm UMB microphone is characterized by excellent cross-country ability and minimal noise pick-up.

Simply connect the microphone to the camera and start shooting. No other converters are needed, this model is very light, compact, and portable. This is the perfect solution for outdoor video shooting.

Also, this microphone can be used for recording video conferences, blogging in Youtube, while holding various events. But still, this model is more often used for walking, camping, cycling, etc., where you need to record high-quality video with good sound.

The microphone has a convenient clip that makes it easy to fasten the model on clothes to free your hands.

Please note that this model does not apply to all models of GoPro cameras.

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Comica CVM-VM10

Commlite Comica CVM-VM10 is a miniature condenser microphone with a cardioid (narrow) beam pattern, which allows you to capture sound directly in front of the microphone, minimizing extraneous noise. Comica CVM-VM10 can be used for high-quality sound recording on DSLR, mirrorless and video cameras, as well as a smartphone or tablet based on iOS or Android. A special vibration-damping suspension is supplied with the microphone. The microphone is completely metal construction.

The Comica CVM-VM10 does not require additional power – just plug it into your camera, smartphone or tablet and get the good quality audio material.

Comica CVM-VM10 microphone characteristics:

  1. Microphone Type: Condenser.
  2. Directivity: cardioid directed.
  3. Housing material: aluminum alloy.
  4. Maximum SPL: 100 dB.
  5. Frequency range: 80 Hz ~ 16000 Hz.
  6. THD: ≤1%.
  7. Output resistance: 2.2 ± 30% kΩ.
  8. Dynamic range: 100 dB.
  9. Sensitivity: -34 ± 3db.
  10. Signal to noise ratio: ≥58 dB.
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Saramonic SR-GMX1

Microphone Saramonic SR-GMX1 – an excellent solution for active people because it is intended for use with action cameras GoPro HERO3, HERO3 + and HERO4. The high-quality microphone is ideal for recording video.

Due to the holder and to stabilize the removable screen (nozzle) SR-LMX1 is the sensitive omnidirectional microphone with 120 dB. It has a dynamic range and a wider frequency response than built-in microphones for smartphones. In addition, a microphone is compatible with applications for recording and can connect to your phone or any other device with a standard 1/8 “microphone input.

  1. Directivity – Omnidirectional.
  2. Sensitivity -30 ± 3 dB (0 dB = 1 V / Pa at 1 kHz).
  3. The weight – 22 grams.
  4. Frequency range – 30 Hz to 18 kHz.
  5. Resistance – 2200 Ω.

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