6 Best Binaural Microphones

The world is crazy about authentic things now. More and more authenticity is achieved every day. In the music business, the sound quality is even dramatically called fidelity. Before playing the music with high fidelity you actually have to record it with high fidelity. But there is a different approach to sound quality. It is not about capturing every detail or frequency, it’s about capturing the sound to play it to your ears the way your ears hear the sound.

Before your ear drums receive the sounds the travel through ear canals and even your actual head interferes with sound. In fact, if the sound source is not precisely in front or behind you, your ears hear the sound differently as the sound also travels different distance to each ear as well.The ultimate solution is a binaural microphone. Binaural microphones are so special, some of them actually come with their own dummy head.

Top binaural mics:


This would be the starter model. As the picture shows you just put it on like many earphones. Flat frequency response with high sensitivity are protected by an included set of windscreens (outside dimension: 1″ X .8″). Comfortable to wear as super-soft, in-ear holders slip right into your ear. Small size helps as well, obviously. These mics put the mic element right next to the ear canal, where they should be. But your hearing is not impaired, you can enjoy the sound as you are recording it. The cables end with a stereo 1/8″ (3.5mm) gold-plated jack.

These mics have an omnidirectional pickup pattern. You get a choice of two available microphone sensitivities. The standard option works in situations ranging from pretty quiet to extremely loud sounds. The high sensitivity option if for situations ranging from extremely quiet to moderately loud sounds. You can choose the microphone cables color, black or beige. You can use these directly with any recorder with “plug-in-power” or a battery module.


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SP-BMC-2 by Sound Professionals

Another affordable option with bundled windscreens. Despite the tiny size, approx. 1/4″ diameter X 1/2″ length microphone cartridges are very rugged and can ensure a lifetime of accurate recordings. Each of the two microphone elements are mounted in their own high-quality durable rubber housings. Powered by the battery module, or by phantom power as it usually works with Sound Professionals products.

The actual sound numbers go like this: signal to noise ratio, 58dB, dynamic range, 81dB/96dB and nothing new about 20-20,000 Hz frequency response. Maximum Input Sound Level is also common among Sound Professionals products, 105dB/120d.

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SP-TFB-2 by Sound Professionals

This is essentially the model above plus premium flexible black shielded cables. The shielding must be helpful if your entire studio crew is texting, sexting or Instagramming while recording sound.


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This is certainly the next level. The setup includes two artificial ears, so you don’t have to borrow anybody else’s. Binaural recording works without using a full-size head. MS-MINI-BINAURAL-EARS delivers extremely realistic recordings using just this much hardware and “humanware”. 

The actual specifications are pretty amazing. 75dB signal to noise ratio and 19dB of equivalent self-noise mean that you get basically no noise with quietest recordings. Specifically, you get so much less background hiss. And you don’t miss any details with a superior sensitivity of 32dB. Flat frequency response is another thing you want to have on every mic. High maximum sound pressure level of 120dB when powered by one of own microphone power supplies, but it also works with phantom power without a hitch. Omnidirectional pickup pattern is here as well.

The mics are installed ear-drum deep in ear canals on the pictures. But you can adjust the mics’ mount depth as you please, like pulling them out half-way. And if you dismount the mics altogether they work as your regular stereo mics. On other words, you can forget the ears if you are tired of playing with them.


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MS by Sound Professionals – MS-TFB-2

This is essentially a version of the model above, you just save some cash on ears. It offers some advantage, though, when it comes to the SPL: 115dB with phantom power and 130dB with one of own power modules, which is 10dB higher and better. Made in USA, of course.

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Self-powered professional adjustable Binaural microphone using realistic human-shaped ears by Sound Professionals

The top model from the Sound Professionals. All the features are here. These mics record binaurally without a head with extreme realism. The amazing 75dB signal to noise ratio figure is also here. The mics also offer no less sensitivity than others, 32dB. Omni-directional pickup pattern is the best pattern for this. You can adjust the mics’ by sliding them in and out as well.

The power is controlled by a switch on the central piece of the setup.

A small tripod and desktop mic stand come bundled, the picture is totally true.

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